“Life is nothing until it is lived. It is we who give it meaning, and value is nothing more than the meaning we give it”.

(Jean-Paul Sartre). 


How do we sustain ourselves when all around us is shifting and in flux?

I particularly explore how we experience and navigate change, loss, choice, anxiety, unhappiness, limitation, challenges and our unique difference. 

Rather than impart advice or diagnosis, working-with and challenging you to discover your unique responses to your concerns are my focus.


I do not assume I know. Your story and lived experience guides our sessions. I meet you with a sense of your individuality and 

I endeavour to “tune-in” to your now.

I do not deterministically search for cause or historical influence. 

I listen, as we navigate problems of living.

Your possible concerns:

















Issues of acceptance


Career transition


Performance anxiety

Romantic relationships

End of Life

I particularly work with clients experiencing Anxiety, Loss and those involved in elite and grassroot sport (especially rugby), performance related professions (acting, dance, singing), men's well-being, education and teaching.




Legend – or otherwise – has it that in 1975, engaged in speaking tours, boxer Muhammad Ali was invited to give a commencement speech to 2000 Harvard students. At the end of which a shout of “Give us a poem, Muhammad”, led to what may be considered one of the shortest English language poems. His response was: “Me, We” or perhaps, “Me…Whee…”.

In this resonates fundamental understandings of existential, phenomenological psychotherapy: our situated freedom, choice, inter-connection, intersectional, relational life. 

The "MeWe" of our existential therapeutic space seeks to embrace this understanding and encounter you and your unique life experiences. 

“I am because we are, since we are, therefore I am. I am because of who we all are”.

 (Ethic of Ubuntu).


Therapy is often associated with soothing crisis, alleviating suffering under an expert professional's diagnositic eye. It is often sought in time of conflict, anxiety and hardship. Many therapies rely on such a relationship and successfully navigate different outcomes.

However expert strategy or techniques impose distance, imbalance and may even alienate you. 


Instead, Existential Therapy is the opportunity to look again at one’s lived-living experiences with fresh eyes and step beyond notions of disorders or dysfunction.

What if nothing is wrong, but how to live better and differently is the focus? 

We explore values, anxiety, confusion, sense of meaning or meaningless, fears, uncertainty, choices through dialogue.

 This path isn’t always comfortable. Often it's tough. How we navigate the unpredictability of change, difference and creating meaning is profound. It is the heartbeat of our therapeutic relationship

“MeWe therapy”, offers you the opportunity to dialogue safely and confidentially, to gain greater understanding, hope, courage and perspective.

I will listen and work with you until I am superfluous.  

“MeWe” is my privilege and our challenge.


Perhaps life moves confusingly, where your place and how you live becomes unclear and troubling. 

Perhaps traumatic events have left you bereft, lonely, depressed, fragile, anxious and having a fulfilled, vibrant existence seems impossible.


Life, loss, anxiety, endings, relation with others, change, choice, confusion, lack of confidence and meaning may often seem mountains too vague or enormous to manage. 

Likewise, your explorations of your unique difference and values, self, sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity too may also bring you to this space. 


Opening to trust yourself, may be discovered or renewed through our dialogue. 

New horizons appear as you explore again what is important to you. Like journeying “home”, discovering your voice might be challenging, fun, frustrating, eye-opening, anxiety-making, or possibly forbidding. You know where and when to begin, Life’s paradoxes and contradictions become apparent and rather than avoided, can here be embraced and learned to live-with differently.


You have arrived at this space, "MeWe"

You may have explored other therapies or none. 

But you have however, already made important choices to be here now.

Let's begin ...